M2000 Wheel Type Compost Turner

Short Description:

TAGRM M2000 is a small self-propelled organic compost turner, all steel frame structure, equipped with 33 horsepower diesel engine, efficient and durable hydraulic transmission system, hardened rubber tires, the maximum working width of 2 meters, the maximum working height of 0.8 meters, can also be equipped with spraying system of fermentative liquid(300L liquid tank).The M2000 can effectively process low-humidity organic materials such as organic domestic waste, straw, grass ash, animal manure, etc. It is especially suitable for small composting plants or farms for personal use. Ideal equipment for conversion to bio-organic compost.

  • Model: M2000
  • Lead Time: 15 Days
  • Type: Self-propelled
  • Working Width : 2000mm
  • Working Height: 800mm
  • Working Capacity: 430m³/h
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    Product parameter

    Model M2000 windrow turner Ground clearance 130mm H2
    Rate Power 24.05KW(33PS) Ground pressure 0.46Kg/cm²
    Rate speed 2200r/min Working width 2000mm W1
    Fuel consumption ≤235g/KW·h Working height 800mm Max.
    Battery 24V 2×12V Pile shape Triangle 45°
    Fuel capacity 40L Forward speed L: 0-8m/min H: 0-40m/min
    Wheel tread 2350mm W2 Rear speed L: 0-8m/min H:0-40m/min
    Wheel base 1400mm L1 Turning radius 2450mm min
    Oversize 2600×2140×2600mm W3×L2×H1 Diameter of roller 580mm With knife
    Weight 1500kg Without fuel Working capacity 430m³/h Max.


    1. The work place should be smooth, solid and convex-concave surface more than 50mm is prohibited.

    2. The width of the strip material should be no larger than 2000mm; the height could be max reach 800mm.

    3. The front and the end of the material need 15 m place for turning, the row space of strip material compost hill should be at least 1 meter.

    compost windrow site_副本800

    Recommended maximum size of compost windrow(cross section):

    compost turners
    agricultural waste

    Reference raw organic material:

    Shredded coconut shell, straw, straw, weeds, palm filament,  fruit and vegetable peels,  coffee grounds, fresh leaves, Stale bread, mashroom, pig manure, cow manure, sheep manure, try not to add meat and dairy products. In order to prevent the loss of nitrogen during the decomposition process of compost, highly absorbent substances, such as peat, clay, pond mud, gypsum, superphosphate, phosphate rock powder and other nitrogen-retaining agents, should be added when composting.



    Packing and shipping

    2 sets of M2000 compost turner can be loaded in a 20 HQ. The main part of the compost machine will be packed in nude, the rest parts will be packed in box or plastic protect. If you have any special requirements for packing, we will pack as your request.