M3600 Roller Organic Compost turner

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M3600 is large and medium-sized self-propelled crawler organic waste compost windrow turner with hydraulic-driven, with a full-body steel frame structure design, reinforced steel plate shell, 180 horsepower diesel engine, the maximum working width of 3.6 meters, the maximum working height of 1.36 meters, high-efficiency hydraulic transmission system to ensure working stability, and the integral hydraulic lifting system can make the machine Work easily under complex conditions.The capacity is 1250CBM/hour which is the same as 150 workers’ labor, it can compost all kinds of organic waste, such as straw, grass ash, animal manure, etc..Ideal equipment for conversion to bio-organic compost.

  • Model: M3600
  • Lead Time: 30 Days
  • Type: Self-propelled
  • Working Width : 3600mm
  • Working Height: 1360mm
  • Working Capacity: 1250m³/h
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    As the most versatile windrow turner, the M3600 is equipped with a powerful diesel engine, high-strength cutter head, and most importantly - strict cost control, allowing users to easily reach a processing capacity of more than 1000 cubic meters per hour.

    Product parameter

    Model M3600 Ground clearance 100mm H2
    Rate Power 132KW(180PS) Ground pressure 0.51Kg/cm²
    Rate speed 2200r/min Working width 3600mm Max.
    Fuel consumption ≤235g/KW·h Working height 1360mm Max.
    Battery 24V 2×12V Pile shape Triangle 42°
    fuel capacity 120L Forward speed L: 0-8m/min H: 0-24m/min
    Crawler tread 3750mm W2 Rear speed L: 0-8m/min H:0-24m/min
    Crawler width 300mm Steel with shoe Feed port width 3600mm
    Oversize 4140×2630×3110mm W3×L2×H1 Turning radius 2600mm min
    Weight 5500kg Without fuel Drive mode Hydraulic
    Diameter of roller 823mm With knife Working capacity 1250m³/h


    TAGRM compost turner design

    1. The composting facility site should be flat, solid and convex-concave surface more than 50mm is prohibited.
    2. The width of the strip material should be no larger than 3600mm; the height could be max reach 1360mm.
    3. The front and the end of the material need 15 m place for turning, the row space of strip material compost hill should be at least 1 meter.

    compost windrow site_副本800

    Recommended maximum size of compost windrow(cross section):

    compost turner
    Compost turner's CUMMINS ENGINE

    Efficient, Energy-saving and Powerful Engine

    Professionally adjusted, specially custom, high quality brand turbocharged engine. It has strong power, low fuel consumption and high reliability.

    (M2600 and above models equipped with Cummins engine)

    Hydraulic system

    Hydraulic Control Valve

    High-tech content control valve, upgraded and optimized hydraulic system. It has high quality, excellent performance, long service life and low failure rate.

    Integrated operation by the single handle.

    ROLLER of compost turner

    Specially Designed Roller

    Manganese steel cutters on the roller are strong and corrosion resistant. By scientific spiral design, while the machine crushing the raw materials, mixing and turning the raw materials uniformly with one thousandth dispersion, and filling the compost with oxygen and cooling at the same time.

    Please choose special rollers and knives according to the different characteristics of raw materials.

    M3600 compost turner's back side.

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