compost factory site planning
compost windrow pile dimensions.

The production of large-scale organic compost is a comprehensive system project, which needs to comprehensively consider many factors, such as: local climate, temperature and humidity, factory site selection, site planning, material source, supply and carbon-nitrogen ratio, windrow pile size, etc.

Climate, temperature and humidity: These factors affect the time for fermentation of organic materials, which in turn determines the compost production cycle.
Factory site selection: The stacking of organic materials will produce a certain odor. Please refer to the local environmental protection policy and select the site carefully.
Site planning: Open-air composting requires an open site for organic material stacking and enough room for the turners to maneuver.
Material source, supply amount and Carbon-nitrogen ratio: The source and carbon-nitrogen ratio of organic materials are very important and need to be calculated accurately. In addition, a stable material source is also an important factor to ensure the continuous production of the factory.
Windrow pile size: The stack bar size should be calculated based on the site and the working width and height of the compost turner.


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