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TAGRM’s M2600 crawler compost turner machine is designed according to the principle of aerobic fermentation, so that the fermentation bacteria have enough space to give full play to their functions. The compost pile will form an anaerobic state, in a result , the fermentation bacteria can not fully play the function, which will affect the quality of the fertilizer and its production cycle, if composting pile is too high or the using bucket type machinery and tank to ferment.

  • Model: M2600
  • Rate Power: 68KW
  • Fuel consumption: <235g/KW-h
  • Working width: 2600mm
  • Working height: 1200mm
  • Working capacity: 720m3/h
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    Organic waste compost fertilizer machine can be used for composting organic material from agricuture, livestock manure, industry, household waste, urban sludge, etc.


    Product parameter

    Model M2600   Ground clearance 130mm  
    Rate Power 68KW   Ground pressure 0.46Kg/cm2  
    Rate speed 2200r/min   Working width 2600mm Max.
    Fuel consumption <235g/KW-h   Working height 1200mm Max.
    Battery 24V 2x12V Pile shape Triangle 45°
    fuel capacity 40L   Forward speed L: 0-8m/min H: 0-24m/min  
    Track tread 2830mm W2 Rear speed L: 0-8m/min H:0-24m/min  
    Feed port width 2600mm W3 Turning radius 1875mm min
    Oversize 3400x2330x2850mm WlxLlxHl Drive mode Hydraulic  
    Weight 2600kg Without fuel Working capacity 720m3/h Max.
    Diameter of roller 497mm With knife    

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    M2600 compost turning machine has advantages such as: high performance diesel engine with low emissions, simple handling and optimum ergonomics, triangular windrow turner with compact transport dimensions, easy to maintain construction and low ground pressure for gentle turning.

    M3000 and M2600

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