M6500 Huge Crawler Compost Turner

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M6500 crawler type compost turner is the largest organic waste composting equipment in China, which can convert organic material into organic fertilizer by oxygen consumption fermentation. The hydraulic power distributor has the advantages of time-delay soft start, one-key power switch, simple transmission route, efficient processing of high specific gravity raw materials and so on. Tagrm’s compost turner overcomes the problem that large machinery can not solve the transmission switch, and fills the international blank that compost machine is not good at dealing with the high density of raw materials.

  • Model: M6500
  • Lead Time: 30 Days
  • Type: Self-propelled
  • Working Width : 6500~7400mm
  • Working Height: 2800mm
  • Working Capacity: 4350m³/h
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    After the success of the M3800 and M4800 large turners, TAGRM did not stop. In response to the needs of super large compost manufacturers, TAGRM launched the M6500 giant turner, redesigned the body structure, and placed the cockpit on the right side of the body. The power system is on the left side, which keeps the body balanced and stable, and is also convenient for transportation. In terms of power configuration, a 391-horsepower engine is used, which makes it easier to handle viscous materials such as sludge and livestock manure.

    Product parameter

    Model M6500 Ground clearance 100mm H2
    Rate Power 288KW(391PS) Ground pressure 0.82Kg/cm²
    Rate speed 1800r/min Working width 6500~7400mm Max.
    Fuel consumption ≤235g/KW·h Working height 2800mm Max.
    Battery 24V 2×12V Pile shape Triangle 42°
    fuel capacity 320L Forward speed L: 0-8m/min H: 0-24m/min
    Crawler tread 6885mm W2 Rear speed L: 0-8m/min H:0-24m/min
    Crawler size 2250×400mm Steel with shoe Feed port width 6885
    Oversize 7890×3370×4500 mm W3×L1×H1 Turning radius 3900mm min
    Weight 13000kg Without fuel Drive mode Hydraulic control
    Diameter of roller 1080mm With knife Working capacity 4350m³/h Max.
    TAGRM M6500 compost turning machine
    TAGRM compost turner M6300 with roller

    The function of the compost turner:

    compost raw material

    1. Stirring function in raw material conditioning.

    In compost production, to adjust the carbon-nitrogen ratio, pH, water content, etc. of raw materials, some auxiliary materials must be added. The main raw materials and various auxiliary materials, which are roughly stacked together in proportion, can be mixed evenly by the turning and polishing machine to achieve the purpose of conditioning.​​

    2. Adjust the temperature of the raw material pile.

    During the operation of the compost turning machine, the raw material pellets are fully contacted and mixed with the air, and a large amount of fresh air can be contained in the material pile, which is helpful for aerobic microorganisms to actively generate fermentation heat, and the temperature of the pile rises; when the temperature is high, the supplement of fresh air can be used. Cool down the stack temperature. A state of alternating medium temperature - high temperature - medium temperature - the high temperature is formed, and various beneficial microorganisms grow and multiply rapidly in the temperature range they are adapted to.

    3. Improve the permeability of the raw material windrow pile.

    The turning system can process the material into small clumps, so that the viscous and dense material pile becomes fluffy and elastic, forming a suitable porosity.

    4. Adjust the moisture of the raw material windrow pile.

    The suitable water content of raw material fermentation is around 55%, and the moisture standard of finished organic fertilizer is below 20%. During fermentation, biochemical reactions will generate new water, and the consumption of raw materials by microorganisms will also cause water to lose its carrier and become free. Therefore, with the timely reduction of water during the fertilizer-making process, in addition to the evaporation formed by heat conduction, the turning of the raw material by the turning machine will form mandatory water vapor emission.

    5. To realize the special requirements of the composting process.

    For example, the crushing of raw materials, giving a certain shape to the raw material pile or realizing quantitative displacement of raw materials, etc.


    The process of making compost:

    1. Livestock and poultry manure and other materials, organic domestic waste, sludge, etc. are used as fertilizer base materials, pay attention to the carbon-nitrogen ratio (C/N): Since composting materials have different C/N ratios, we need to use The C/N ratio is controlled at the 25~35 that the microorganism likes and the fermentation can proceed smoothly. The C/N ratio of the finished compost is usually 15~25.

    characteristics for the composting process

    2. After the C/N ratio is adjusted, it can be mixed and stacked. The trick at this point is to adjust the overall moisture content of the compost to 50-60% before starting. If the water content of livestock and poultry manure and other materials, domestic garbage, sludge, etc. is too high, you can add organic matter, relatively dry auxiliary materials that can absorb water, or use the method of backflow to put the dry fertilizer below to form strips, and put the containing Livestock and poultry manure and other materials, domestic garbage, sludge, etc. with a large amount of water are placed in the middle so that the water above can seep to the bottom and then be turned over.

    3. Stack the base material in strips on a flat surface. The stack width and height should be equal to the working width and height of the equipment as much as possible, and the specific length needs to be calculated. TAGRM's turners are equipped with integral hydraulic lifting and drum hydraulic lifting technology, which can adjust themselves to the maximum size of the stack.

    windrow pile

    4. Sprinkle the fertilizer base materials such as the piled livestock and poultry manure and other materials, domestic garbage, sludge, etc. with biological fermentation inoculants.

    5. Use a turning machine to evenly mix the straw, livestock and poultry manure and other organic materials, domestic garbage, sludge, (water content should be 50%-60%), fermentation bacteria agent, etc., and it can be deodorized in 3-5 hours. , 16 hours to heat up to 50 degrees (about 122 degrees Fahrenheit), when the temperature reaches 55 degrees (about 131 degrees Fahrenheit), turn the heap again to add oxygen, and then start stirring whenever the temperature of the material reaches 55 degrees to achieve uniform fermentation, The effect of increasing oxygen and cooling, and then repeat this process until it is completely decomposed.


    6. The general fertilization process takes 7-10 days. Due to different climates in different places, it may take 10-15 days for the material to be completely decomposed. high, potassium content increased. Powdered organic fertilizer is made.

    Compost turning operation:

    1. It can be controlled by both temperature and smell. If the temperature is higher than 70°C (about 158 degrees Fahrenheit), it should be turned over, and if you smell the smell of anaerobic ammonia, it should be turned over.

    Composting temperature monitoring

    2. When turning the pile, the inner material should be turned outward, the outer material should be turned inside, the upper material should be turned downward, and the lower material should be turned upward. This ensures that the material is fully and evenly fermented.



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