Agricultural Wastes Compost Turner

  • M2600 Organic Waste Compost turner

    M2600 Organic Waste Compost turner

    TAGRM’s M2600 is a crawler-type small and medium-sized compost turner. All steel frame structure with thick steel plate, equipped with 93 horsepower Cummins diesel engine, efficient and durable hydraulic transmission system, hardened rubber tires, the maximum working width of 2.6 meters, the maximum working height of 1.2 meters,The M2600 windrow turner can effectively process low-humidity organic materials such as organic domestic waste, straw, grass ash, animal manure, etc. It is especially suitable for small composting plants or farms for personal use. Ideal equipment for conversion to bio-organic compost.

  • M3800 Windrow Compost  Turner

    M3800 Windrow Compost Turner

    The M3800 is a large-scale self-propelled composting machine in China, with a working width of up to 4.3m and a working height of 1.7m. Its main structure is made of a very thick steel plate, which provides TAGRM’s composting substrate mixer with a strong, stable body, as well as the advantages of corrosion resistance and flexible rotation. It is equipped with a 108-horsepower high-power Cummins diesel engine, which can easily stir sludge, compost, and other materials with high humidity and high viscosity. Combined with the hydraulic integral lifting technology, it can adapt to various complex working conditions and greatly improve work efficiency. It is a powerful and versatile compost turner.