What can the compost turner do?

What is compost turner?

The stacker is the main equipment in the production of bio-organic fertilizer. Especially the self-propelled compost turner, which is the mainstream style of contemporary. This machine is equipped with its own engine and walking device, which can forward, reverse, and turn, and is driven by one person. When driving, the whole vehicle rides on the long strip of fertilizer that was piled up in advance, and the rotating knife shaft hung under the frame performs the mixing, fluffing, and shifting of the fertilizer-based raw materials. The operation can be carried out either in the open field or in the workshop shed.


A major technological breakthrough of this composting machine is the integration of the crushing function in the later stage of the fermentation of the material. With the gradual dehydration of the material, the cutter shaft equipped with a crushing device can effectively crush the plates formed during the fermentation process of the compost. Not only does it save the expense of a pulverizer, but more importantly, it greatly improves the efficiency of pulverization, reduces the cost, and fundamentally solves the problem that the production volume is restricted by the pulverization mechanism.