Clients and TAGRM

1. 10 years


At the end of the summer in 2021, we received an email full of sincere greetings and lives about himself recently, and he wouldn’t have the chance to visit us again because of the epidemic, and so on, signed: Mr. Larsson.


So we sent this letter to our boss-Mr. Chen, because most of these emails came from his old connections.


“Oh, Victor, my old friend!” Mr. Chen said cheerfully as soon as he saw the email. “of course I remember you!”


And tell us the story of this Mr.Larsson.


Victor Larsson, a Dane, runs a livestock organic fertilizer factory in Southern Denmark. In the spring of 2012, when he decided to expand production, he went to China to see the manufacturer of the dump machines. Of course, we, the TAGRM, were one of his targets, so Mr. Chen and Victor met for the first time.


In fact, it’s hard not to be impressed by Victor: he’s about 50 years old, gray hair, nearly six feet tall, a bit of a chubby build, and has a Nordic red complexion, even though the weather was chilly, he was able to cope in a short-sleeved shirt. His voice is as loud as a bell, his eyes are like a torch, giving a very firm impression, but when he is quiet in thinking, his eyes will keep moving, always focusing on the most important point.


And his partner, Oscar, is much more humorous, he kept telling Mr. Chen about their country and their curiosity about China.


During factory visits, Mr.Larsson kept asking detailed questions, and often the next question came right after Mr. Chen’s answer. His questions are also quite professional. In addition to knowing the details of composting production, he also has his unique understanding of the operation, operation, maintenance, and maintenance of the main parts of the machine, and according to their actual needs to make recommendations.


After a lively discussion, Victor and his party got enough information and left satisfied.


A a few days later, they came back to the factory and signed a contract of intent for two machines.


” I miss you so much, Dear Victor,” Mr. Chen wrote back. “are you in some kind of trouble?”


It turned out that one of the transmission parts of the M3200 series dump machine he bought from us 10 years ago had broken down a week ago, but the warranty had expired, he couldn’t find the right spare parts locally either, so he had to write to us to try his luck.


It’s true that the M3200 series has been discontinued and replaced with more powerful upgrades, but luckily we still have some spare parts in our factory warehouse for old customers. Soon, the spare parts were in Mr. Larsson’s hands.


“thank you, my old friends, my machine is alive again!” He said cheerfully.


2. “Fruit” from Spain


Every summer and fall, we receive photographs from Mr.Francisco, of delicious fruits and melons, grapes, cherries, tomatoes, and so on.


“I couldn’t send the fruit to you because of the customs, so I had to share my joy with you through the photos,” he said.


Mr. Francisco owns a small farm, about a dozen hectares, that grows a variety of fruits for sale to a nearby market, which requires a high level of soil fertility, so you often need to buy organic fertilizer to improve the soil. But as the price of organic fertilizer has risen, it has put a lot of pressure on him as a small farmer.


Later, he heard that homemade organic fertilizer can greatly reduce costs, he began to study how to make organic fertilizer. He has tried to collect food scraps, plant stalks, and leaves, and make them in compost fermentation containers, but the yields are low and the fertilization seems to be poor. Mr. Francisco had to find another way.


Until he learned about a machine called a compost turner, and a Chinese company called TAGRM.


After receiving an inquiry from Mr. Francisco, we inquired in detail about the characteristics of the plants grown on his farm, as well as the soil conditions, and worked out a set of plans: first, we helped him to plan space of suitable size for stacking pallets, he added manure, controlled moisture, and temperature, and finally recommended that he buy an M2000 series dump machine, which was cheap enough and productive enough for his entire farm.


When Mr. Francisco got the proposal, he was happy to say: “Thank you very much for your sincere contribution, this is the best service I have ever encountered!”


A year later, we received his photos, a full-grain of fruit reflected in his happy smile, shining as bright as agate ray.


Every day, every month, every year, we meet clients like Victor, Mr. Francisco, who are not just looking to close a deal, instead, we strive to give our best to all people, to be our teachers, our best friends, our brothers, our sisters; their colorful lives will be with us.

Post time: Jan-01-2022