China’s Biggest Compost Turner-M6300 Feedback from Customer

Working Address: A livestock farm in north of China

Main Raw material: Organic cow manure, sheep manure

Yearly Capacity of Livestock Manure: 78,500 tonnes

According to China's Ministry of Agriculture, China produces nearly 4 billion tons of animal waste each year. As a bigger livestock farm in north of China, taking good use of these animal manure is very important. With the help of TAGRM animal manure compost mixer, the livestock farm is able to turn, stir, mix, crush and oxygenate the dry organic material includes cow manure, sheep manure, straws and other materials, and make them become valuable organic fertilizer.

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Turning Machine: TAGRM compost turner M6300

Working Width: 6500mm

Working Height: 2500mm

Working Capacity: 3780m³/h

TAGRM compost turning machine M6300

As the biggest bio compost fertilizer turner machine, TAGRM’s compost making machine M6300 is designed to process up to 3780 cubic meter of compost per hour depending on the type and size of the turner. Drum-style windrow turners feature a horizontal steel drum with flails that aerate the compost windrow. It also adopts hydraulic control roller lifting, thickening and thickening seamless steel tube, and its roller is equipped with strong corrosion-resistant manganese steel knife. Scientific helical design allows the compost turner to crush the raw materials at 1/1000 of the dispersion of the raw materials includes fully uniform mixing and stirring, as well as oxygenating and cooling.

TAGRM aims to protect the earth's ecological system. By helping & encouraging people around the world to make better use of our waste, like municipal solid waste, swill and food waste, animal faeces, etc, TAGRM is trying her best to protect our earth, as well as provide more benefit for relevant companies.

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Post time: Jul-22-2021